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We Serve ALL Types & Brands

  • Behind the ear
  • Open Ear
  • Receiver in the canal (RIC)
  • In the ear
  • In the canal
  • Completely in the canal (CIC)









Advanced Family Hearing Aid Center has been assisting the residents of Citrus County with hearing loss and hearing concerns since 1998. We sell and fit multiple brands of hearing aids, listening devices, and hearing protection including, Starkey, Siemens, Rexton, MicroTech, ReSound, Phonak, Oticon, Audina, NuEar. WE SERVICE ALL MAKES AND MODELS regardless of where they were purchased.

Models available include, Behind-the-Ear, Open Ear, Reciever-in Canal (RIC), In-the-Ear (ITE), In-the-Canal (ITC), and Completely-in-the Canal (CIC).

As a licensed and board certified Hearing Healthcare Professional serving Citrus County since 1986, owner Jerillyn Clark explains that an individual consultation is best for determining each person's needs for hearing rehabilitation. As not all hearing aids are created equal, Jerillyn and her team will perform a professional, digital hearing test to properly prescribe the best hearing solution based on your individual needs and budget. Fitting, dispensing and servicing the hearing devices prescribed is all part of the full service experience offered at Advanced Family Hearing Aid Center. A FREE trial is standard and payment is never taken before a customer is satisfied.